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Top 5 Crypto Currency Trends in 2018

Crypto currency has gained a lot of popularity and more is expected to happen in year 2018. This is because it is expected that people will embrace new possibilities in online payment and also in finance trading. More people also want to use methods that do not compromise their privacy and more convenient to use. Here are the top five crypto currency trends in 2018.

1. New players to come in 

It is expected that in 2018 more and more players will come in the crypto currency market. The crypto currency market can expect to have over a thousand players. With the many new players expected to join the industry, people will need to pay more attention because you cannot know when the value offered might skyrocket, like Bitcoin value did.

2. More governments to get involved 

With more people getting involved in crypto currency, you can expect that more governments will be force to get more involved in 2018. The governments will be forced to get involved by trying to put more control. This is despite the fact that the whole idea of designing crypto currency is to have less government interference. The governments might not use intrusive methods, but will contribute greatly to molding or shifting of some of the crypto currencies.

3. Ethereum and bitcoin will continue to increase in their popularity

It is hard for bitcoin and ethereum to go down, so it is expected that even in 2018, their popularity will continue to rise. This is due to the fact that they already have a lot of traders and supporters. There is increased interest among many people. With the increased popularity, they will experience steady growth in 2018.

4. Exchanges to be replaced by wallets 

Exchanges are usually not safe as many people think. There are some errors and leaks that have made a lot of people lose their investments. It is with this fact that it is expected that in 2018 digital wallets will get more popular. The wallets will reduce chances of security breach. This is because they are personal and no third party is involved.

5. Crypto currency to continue growing

It is not expected that crypto currency will slow down in growth. With more people getting interested, crypto currency will move on to grow. It will continue to represent the future in finance trading. With more and more new coins expected to enter into the crypto currency will experience a more drastic growth.

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